‘Get techie with it’

Using technology to enhance your study skills

Make sure you are active!

Reading is far too passive for learning/revising for examinations. Make podcasts, make flash cards, practice questions, ask people online, make a mind map.

Make some online flash cards using Study Blue

Study Blue is a website that allows you to make online flashcards. There is an app for your phone and so you can revise on the move. You can add images (maybe of diagrams you need to learn) and audio as well as text.


Online Mind mapping

There are many online mind mapping tools. Use them to map out ideas and concepts and get a feel for how they link together.


Examination sites

One of the best ways of revising is doing all the past papers you can over and over until you have honed the perfect answers.

  • Down load the paper (you don’t need to print it out).
  • Do your first answers on lined paper.
  • Check with the mark scheme and add in extra points with a different colour.
  • Learn these new points.
  • Come back to the paper a week later and try again.
  • Go through with the mark scheme again, highlighting points.
  • Finally print the paper and see if you can get full marks.

Making use of social media

Try to follow people on Twitter related to the subjects you are following. This could be fellow students, experts in the field, lecturers at university. You can then post questions when you get stuck.

Ask your teacher to set up an Edmodo group. http://www.edmodo.com/ You can then study together and ask questions of each other. More heads are better than one!

Get searching!!

Look for the tools that will suit you. Google ‘Online study skills’, ‘online tools for learning’, ‘GCSE French revision’. Take your learning into you own hands. The more you put in, the more you get out.


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