Lunchtime and after school sessions

Year 11 Subject Support

Please see below a current list of the support sessions available in school to help your son/daughter prepare for the mock examinations. Hopefully this will help you to encourage your son/daughter to make the most of the opportunity to ask questions, revise or receive support with classwork and homework. Many of these sessions are held in an informal manner, students attend in friendship groups and are able to relax and combine study support with a break from formal lessons. Students can drop in and get help with a specific question for a few minutes, or they can stay for the whole session.

Monday Art 12.30-1.25pm in Room 4 (by appointment)
Physics 12.45-1.15pm in Room 35
Tuesday Art 12.30-1.25pm in Room 4 (by appointment)
Chemistry 12.40pm onwards in Room 40
German 12.30pm onwards (by appointment with Mrs Watts or Mrs Pratt)
Religious Studies 12.45-1.25pm in Room 33
Wednesday Art 12.30-1.25pm in Room 4 (by appointment)
Computing 12.30pm onwards in Room 11
French and Spanish 12.30-1.25pm (Please see your Languages teacher for further details)
Mathematics 12.30-1.15pm in Room 10
Physics 12.45-1.15pm in Room 35
Thursday Art 12.30-1.25pm in Room 4 (by appointment)
Biology 12.30-1.15pm in Room 37
Chemistry 12.40pm onwards in Room 40
Friday Art 12.30-1.25pm in Room 4 (by appointment)
Mathematics 12.30-1.15pm in Room 9
Physical Education 12.30-1.25pm in Room 30


Additional sessions for some subjects, including English, will be added in the next few weeks. These will be advertised via the Year 11 website and also in school. Students are advised to confirm in advance with their subject teacher if they plan to attend support sessions afterschool as these may be affected by whole school events such as parents’ evenings.

In addition to these subject specific sessions there is quiet supervised study running from 3.45-4.45pm on Monday and Tuesday evenings in the library. This provides students with a quiet space to get started on revision afterschool. Many students last year found that committing to attending these sessions ensured they made a start on work without the temptation of distractions at the end of the school day.

If you have any questions about your son/daughter’s preparation for their mock examinations please do not hesitate to contact the relevant Head of Learning, Mrs Graham or Mrs George and we would be pleased to assist.