Specification Details – AQA 8463


Paper 1

Paper 2

Energy; Electricity; Particle model of matter; Atomic Structure

Forces; Waves; Magnetism & Electromagnetism; Space Physics

100marks 50%

100marks 50%

GCSE Specification and Past Papers

Physics Specification and Past Papers

The equation sheet is page 96 in the specification.

Chapter Overviews – Powerpoint files

5a Forces Chapter Overview

5b Forces Chapter Overview

Atomic Structure Chapter Overview

Electricity Chapter Overview

Energy Chapter Overview

Magnetism and Electromagnetism Chapter Overview

Particle Model Chapter Overview

Space Chapter Overview

Waves Chapter Overview

Specimen Papers Set 1





Specimen Papers Set 2

8463-1H-MS-Physics-Specimen(Set 2) v1.1

8463-1H-QP-Physics-Specimen(Set 2) v1.1

8463-2H-MS-Physics-Specimen(Set 2) v1.0

8463-2H-QP-Physics-Specimen(Set 2) v1.0

Working Scientifically Questions

Y11 Practical WS questions-2 with Mark Scheme


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