Reach challenge

Go on, push yourself, allow yourself do be creative and think in a wider sphere. These challenges are open to interpretation and you can put any spin on them that you wish. The winners will be showcased on this website and will also receive a prize.

These challenges can be completed in any form you wish:reach

  • A piece of writing (short piece, essay, poem)
  • A video
  • A tweet (140 characters)
  • An image/drawing/painting
  • Music
  • Another form

Email your piece to

Week commencing 8th February:

CHALLENGE – ‘Who wants to live for ever?’

Curriculum links: History, Physics, RS, Ethics, Biology.

Deadline: Friday 19th February.

Week commencing 7th March:

CHALLENGE – ‘There’s one born every minute’ – what are your thoughts on this?

Curriculum links: Biology, Politics, Geography, History, Sociology, Psychology, English.

Deadline: Friday 18th March.

Week commencing 14th March:

CHALLENGE – ‘What is the golden ratio and how is it relevant to human perception?’

Curriculum links: Maths, Music, Art, Resistant Materials.

Deadline: Friday 25th March

Week commencing 21st March:

CHALLENGE – ‘We are what we say’

Curriculum links: English Language, English Literature, French, German, Spanish, Latin, History, RS, Psychology.

Deadline: Friday 1st April.

Week commencing 28th March:

CHALLENGE – ‘Size matters’ – or does it?

Curriculum links: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Art, Music, Sociology.

Deadline: Friday 8th April.